Coaching4Change blends coach education, literacy, and leadership to empower and employ teenagers.


Every child graduates from high school ready and able to build a successful life for themselves.

About Us

While in graduate school at Smith College in 2010, Coaching For Change Co-Founder, Marquis Taylor, learned strategies and techniques to help him become an effective teacher in an urban setting. In 2011, Marquis was inspired to create a new platform to make use of his newly acquired skills. He spoke with experienced high school teachers who informed him of how schools fail to motivate and engage low-income students who display poor academic performance or put little effort into schoolwork.

High school should be a place where teenagers are challenged to learn and develop skills that prepare them for the future. A large population of students are physically present in the classroom, but mentally checked out. While school should be a place of discovery and growth, shortcomings are realized when many of the low-income students suffer from the clear disconnect between the current curriculum and motivation to learn.

We can change this! High School should be a place where students should be engaged throughout the learning process. This concept creates an environment of active learners to ensure that the acquisition of knowledge is accompanied by self-discovery.
  Coaching4Change improves the school experience by transferring ownership and accountability to our student participants. They learn principles of leadership through coaching, organizing, and running youth sports programs.

In our communities, the high school students become leaders by coaching after school youth sports programs, organizing school-wide athletics tournaments, and running youth sports “skills and drills” clinics. Our supporting network of Teachers, College Leaders, and Parents advocate for our high school students by providing them with opportunities and guiding them through small successes that result from academic tutoring and implementing our uniquely impactful program model.

We motivate our students by rewarding them for becoming contributing members to their community as they create their own pathways to a successful future. Our goal is to create an environment that motivates, engages, and inspires continued learning as well as personal growth.
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